The Alumnus Creed

As an alumnus, I will support the values of Kibabii University by being a living example of a lifelong learner. I will use my knowledge to strive for excellence, and will do so with integrity. I will find opportunities to encourage others to unlock their talent through the pursuit of education, and I will proudly share the results of my academic achievements.

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LinkedIn is a professional social forum dedicated to networking and real-world conversations. The Kibabii University Alumni group is designed to nurture positive interactions and forge relationships between alumni, faculty members, and University staff and students. Some of the benefits of joining include networking with professionals in the same industry, discovering and developing new relationships, participating in discussion topics, and sharing articles of interest. Join today! To become a member of the LinkedIn Kibabii University Alumni group.

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Constitution Review of Kibabii University Alumni Association

Kibabii University Alumni Association (KIBUAA) held a meeting on 29th November, 2019 at Hill View Resort to review the KIBUAA constitution. The constitution is under review to enable smooth functioning of the association. After the review exercise, it is to be approved by Senate and University Council. The review team was constituted by the Interim leadership headed by Billy Wekola, Linet Nabutola and Rachel Wangeci.

Constitution Review team consist of:

  • Isaiya Amutabi- Chair person
  • Calvince Nyawara- Member
  • Billy Munda– Member
  • Catherine Matwoi- Member
  • Fred Oginda- Member
  • Blasio Omulama- Member
  • Noah Waswa- Electoral Commission Chair
  • Godwin Kachi- Electoral Commission

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ipara Odeo received a certificate of membership from the Kibabii University Alumni Association having certified the requirement of being a honorary member.  Prof. Odeo received certificate on behalf of the Council chair, Dr. Ernest Njoroge and Patron, Hon. Kenneth Lusaka.

Constitution Review of Kibabii University Alumni Association

Constitution Review of Kibabii University Alumni Association

Constitution Review of Kibabii University Alumni Association

Motivational Talk: Beyond the Campus Horizon, Challenges and Opportunities

Student Affairs Department in conjunction with the Kibabii University Students Alumni organized a motivational talk forum that was held on Friday 20th July, 2018. Theme was: “Beyond the Campus Horizon, Challenges and Opportunities”.

Issues discussed:

  • Life’s realities outside Campus
  • The Entrepreneurial tit bits
  • Social life and interactions
  • The real pictures of politics and politicking
  • Personal development
  • Juggling with more than one responsibility and networking tips

Motivational Talk: Beyond the Campus Horizon, Challenges and Opportunities
Motivational Talk: Beyond the Campus Horizon, Challenges and Opportunities

Alumni Association Induction Workshop

Kibabii University Alumni Association holds a seminar from 17th – 19th January 2018 to induct the executive members into their duties and responsibilities. The discussion is centered on: the role, place and functions of alumni in the University, the role of University Management in nurturing and strengthening Alumni operations, the alumni constitution and strategic plan.

The chief guest is Dr. Ann Aseey from University of Nairobi, other invited guests are Dr. P. Ogenga, Dr. R. Ong’unya and Mr. Sang.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo officially opened the three day workshop

Alumni Association Induction Workshop

Alumni Association Induction Workshop

2016 Graduation List

The following graduands have satisfied the Board of Examiners of Kibabii University in the fourth and final year University Examinations of the 2015/2016 academic year. They are therefore recommended to graduate.

Please note that the student who owe the university any moneys in fees will not be issued with graduation gowns, academic transcripts and their certificates will not be processed.

FESS Graduation List

SOBE Graduation List

FS Graduation List

SCAI Graduation List

2016 Graduation List