• Ms. Christine Machuma Wanjala

    I successfully completed my studies at Kibabii University. It was one of my best moments in life having enrolled in 2014 for M.Ed in Educational planning and management. My determination was enhanced by the proximity to my work station and the urge to attain the next level in my employment. I got the new job immediately after graduation. Long live Kibabii University. Thank you to my Lecturers……you made it possible for me.

    Ms. Christine Machuma Wanjala,
  • Dr Ratemo Makiya Cyprian

    I was conferred a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Information Technology on 21st December 2017 by the Chancellor and President of the Republic of Kenya. This was a great day for me and a culmination of a wholesome postgraduate training at the School of Computing and Informatics. Completing PhD in Information Technology at Kibabii University has already presented me with a wide door of opportunities in teaching, research and consultancy. I feel more solid and better placed to soar to new heights.

    Dr Ratemo Makiya Cyprian, Chair, Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee,Department of Information Technology, School of Computing and Informatics Maseno University
  • Dr. Alice Nambiro Wechuli

    I consider myself fortunate to have graduated with a PhD in Information Technology from Kibabii University. The lecturers and other staff are approachable and very helpful. The level of attention given to students not only lets them know that they are valued but it is also critical to their development as academic scholars. I sincerely appreciate the members of the School of Computing and Informatics for the encouragement which can never be underestimated that contributed to my success. My special thanks goes to my first supervisor, Prof. Wabwoba for ensuring that, I tirelessly work to attain the degree. Finally, my congratulatory remarks go to the second graduates of Kibabii University whose graduation was held in December 2017.

    Dr. Alice Nambiro Wechuli, Tutorial Fellow Kibabii University
  • Dr.-Daniel-Otanga

    Kibabii University changed my life forever. I feel lucky to have attended and graduated from Kibabii University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Human Resource Option) in November 2016. The combination of a diverse and smart student body, a beautiful campus, dedicated and passionate lecturers who have experience and makes an unforgettable educational experience. There was as much learning inside the classroom as outside, whether through social interaction and probing conversation with interesting classmates and Lecturers. I didn’t reflect so much about it at the time, but looking back I can say it was really insightful and the learning I will keep for the rest of my life. I can say that Kibabii University for me was both about learning relevant academics that were highly relevant to be successful in university and in my further career, but more importantly it was a great life-learning for me to become more confident and clear about my future. It was a unique experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I look back on my time at Kibabii University with tremendous pride.

    Ms. Irene Wakhungu ,
  • Dr.-Daniel-Otanga

    Kibabii University has a friendly learning environment which has made the learners appreciate the quality of the training they undergo. The completion time of any program is as per the stipulated requirement for such a program. Specifically, as pioneer PhD student in the University, I completed my PhD in Information Technology studies within a record three (3) years the stipulated time for the program. My sincere gratitude goes to the entire members of the School of Computing and Informatics who were very supportive during my study. I do specifically thank Prof. Wabwoba, Dr. Mbugua and Dr. Anselmo who were all the time ready to advise me whenever I approached them. Prof. Wabwoba who was my first supervisor kept me on my toes and thus made me realize my goal. The effort of the entire School made me make history becoming the first and the only student to graduate with a PhD on the Kibabii University first graduation ceremony held in November 2016. I thank the entire Kibabii Management and staff for good work that has propelled the University to greater heights. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the first graduates of Kibabii University first graduation ceremony in November 2016. May I also advice those that attained masters to enroll for PhD programs and those undergraduates to enroll for masters programs to boost their academic credentials.

    Dr. Daniel Ananda Otanga, Lecturer Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

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