• Makarios W. Masakha
    BCom Graduate class of 2016, SGC Chairman 2015/16.

    Currently Master’s of Audit student, Nanjing Audit University, China.

    Being part of the earlier entrances to the University, it was a little bit hard to put up with, accept and speak out to multitudes that yes, you are in a university, a university with then less than 800 students. A moment when, every single movement by each could be monitored by then security officer, not by use of technology, but by physical sight. A moment when, classes could be held comfortably in the current Administration Boardroom as well as Academic board meeting on in the other room, no one could ever imagine stepping out and standing tall, But look! Here we are all over the world, contributing immensely to the building of the nation.

    Kibabii University is indeed a great institution that fully bakes, moulds and shapes one into what the world needs. I am grateful in that my stay at the University imparted varied elements in me, ranging from academics, with whose foundation has accorded me a rare opportunity into a peculiar institution of audit in China, leadership, seizing opportunities, and socializing spirit. It’s worth noting that the energy expressed by the university management, the community and students, is solely what has led to great scaling of the University.

    It’s unbelievable that Kibabii University stands at its current top ranking, a university whose infrastructural development is utmost modernized, with just 8 years in existence. The future is guaranteed great for the university, and promising to stand top the globe. As Alumni, we need to accord it the maximum support we can in our capacities to see that our alma mater flags so high in all its fields.

  • Blessed Shilla
    Bachelor of Computer Science, Graduate class of 2019.

    The first thing that comes to mind being an alumnus of Kibabii University is a career network and sense of belonging to a supportive community that nurture prepare and build students to be professionals in whatever field they specialize in before they are released to the corporate world. Personally, Kibabii University gave me a chance to embrace different cultures and diversity that is reflected in the outside world and be proud of our Africanity. Attending sports and cultural events has strengthened the relationship I hold with the institution and be part of the team and the community around it. I have been able to build and grow the institution’s brand through word-of-mouth marketing, through my certificates while applying for jobs and even through positive posts on social media which can create buzz and increase application rates for students.

    Lastly translating the skills acquired in school to the job and be able to deliver and be productive and efficient is all subject to intensive training and guided internship opportunities provided by Kibabii University.

  • Oginda Fred
    Joining KIBU was one of the best things that ever happened in my life, reason being, this great institution gave me the chance to discover myself, to know exactly what I wanted in my life. It is in KIBU that I learnt that fighting for the rights of others is more important than just taking a day off with a girlfriend in a good hotel, it is from KIBU that I discovered that I can be a great motivational speaker, an activist, a politician, a great teacher who transform lives and above all great leader who creates an impact in any society.

    A message to all KIBU students, work for your dream and let KIBU help you to discover what you want in your life because in is the alma mater.

    Campus life may be challenging at times in terms of finances, upkeep fee or if you are a politician and an activist like me you may not agree with some of policies set by the administration but trust the process always stand for what you believe is right and above all keep your integrity high.

  • Dr. Samuel W. Barasa

    The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology programme of Kibabii University proved magnificent; it was development oriented, demanding and rewarding, with a collegial atmosphere in instruction and supervision of doctoral students. The programme is perfectly tailored with a wide range of pliability to accommodate all sorts of students with different cadre of experiences both from industry and academia by organizing research trainings, seminars, workshops, and continual oral defense. The programmes’ core courses guarantee a strong footing by coupling the course work, research methodology, with the students’ independent research domain from the onset. The distinctive nature of highly qualified, committed, responsive, and dedicated faculty scholars from various disciplines both internally and externally were a great asset. Subsequently, I greatly enriched my research capabilities through cohort colleagues in the programme. I graduated on 22nd November 2019, well equipped with all of the knowledge, skills, and educational experience necessary to pursue a successful career. I will always be thankful for the wonderful experience I gained throughout my PhD journey at Kibabii University.

    Dr. Samuel W. Barasa, Lecturer, Kibabii University Kibabii University
  • Dr. Abila James Onyango

    The admission to Doctor of Philosophy degree in Information Technology on 23rd November, 2018 was a culmination to my early childhood dream .Kibabii University tweaked it for me through enabling systems and structures .I now stand tall to claim the opportunities that can change the world through Information Technology.My experiences at Kibabii university helped me turn presenting instances into opportunities, what a great learning, long live Kibabii dreamers.

    Dr. Abila James Onyango , Coordinator Graduate Studies School of INFOCOMS Rongo University
  • Dr. Nicholas Kipkurui Kiget

    Kibabii University was an ideal place for my PHD program in Information Technology. I had an opportunity not only to interact but also to learn from dedicated, experienced and well-respected members of faculty. I am forever grateful to my supervisors and professors who made me grow from being a student to a researcher and supported me to finish my PHD program within the stipulated time frame. The experience I had, with my lecturers and classmates, was that of hard work, not giving up and helping others in the same academic journey.

    Dr. Nicholas Kipkurui Kiget, Lecturer, Information Technology Department, School of Information Sciences Moi University
  • Dr. Richard Kipkemoi Ronoh

    I think of a graduate program as a place to learn, try, and miss a number of times, until finally you try and succeed. This process only happens if there is a supporting team that not only encourages you to try but also values your misses (in my opinion this is what research is all about). In this sense KIBU is a unique place. There is a saying – ‘To learn with the aim of becoming one’s teacher, to behave with the aim of becoming one’s role model’. Coming to KIBU to pursue my PhD was one of the most important decisions I have made and I am glad that I did. The PhD programme has provided me with great opportunities to conduct research across disciplines. Additionally the programme has given me incredible freedom and support to explore my intellectual interest. Faculty members, regardless of their research areas of specialization, were always there to lend a helping hand and provide advice.

    I am so fortunate to have graduated with my PhD in Information Technology at Kibabii University. The level of care and interaction I received from the School of Computing and Informatics and across academic disciplines, helped prepare me to be a good colleague at my academic placement and was personally enriching.

    As a PhD graduate from KIBU, I can say that this University has provided me with the chance to explore an array of different possibilities and choices for my future, most of which I would not have been aware of without being a student in it. Moreover, KIBU’s continual dedication and commitment to improve the quality of services to students, is what makes it so distinguished. For these I want to sincerely thank my two able supervisors Prof. Franklin Wabwoba and Dr. Samuel Mbugua for always been ready to lend a helping hand whenever I needed one. The entire academic journey had provided me with an excellent foundation to build a rewarding career and a happy life. As a research based University, I had to do a good amount of research which was a very positive educational experience for me. Finally, I am very grateful for KIBU’s help and support in getting to where I am today.

    Dr. Richard Kipkemoi Ronoh, Lecturer, Kibabii University
  • Dennis K. Gichuki

    I count myself lucky to have had an opportunity to pursue my post graduate studies at Kibabii university, which culminated to my being conferred with an MSc IT on 23rd November 2018. Though young, Kibabii has earned its place in the world academia by aggressively establishing several programmes right from certificate up to PhD level, a fit even the well established universities find difficult to match. The friendly and resourceful faculty, adequate learning resources, affordable fee and flexible programme made my post graduate life even more bearable. If I were to choose again, I would still choose Kibabii university. I believe the skills I have acquired will go along way in enhancing my career. I can’t wait to enroll for PhD in IT.

    Dennis K. Gichuki, Senior Technician, IT department Kibabii University
  • Ms. Christine Machuma Wanjala

    I successfully completed my studies at Kibabii University. It was one of my best moments in life having enrolled in 2014 for M.Ed in Educational planning and management. My determination was enhanced by the proximity to my work station and the urge to attain the next level in my employment. I got the new job immediately after graduation. Long live Kibabii University. Thank you to my Lecturers……you made it possible for me.

    Ms. Christine Machuma Wanjala,
  • Dr Ratemo Makiya Cyprian

    I was conferred a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Information Technology on 21st December 2017 by the Chancellor and President of the Republic of Kenya. This was a great day for me and a culmination of a wholesome postgraduate training at the School of Computing and Informatics. Completing PhD in Information Technology at Kibabii University has already presented me with a wide door of opportunities in teaching, research and consultancy. I feel more solid and better placed to soar to new heights.

    Dr Ratemo Makiya Cyprian, Chair, Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee,Department of Information Technology, School of Computing and Informatics Maseno University
  • Dr. Alice Nambiro Wechuli

    I consider myself fortunate to have graduated with a PhD in Information Technology from Kibabii University. The lecturers and other staff are approachable and very helpful. The level of attention given to students not only lets them know that they are valued but it is also critical to their development as academic scholars. I sincerely appreciate the members of the School of Computing and Informatics for the encouragement which can never be underestimated that contributed to my success. My special thanks goes to my first supervisor, Prof. Wabwoba for ensuring that, I tirelessly work to attain the degree. Finally, my congratulatory remarks go to the second graduates of Kibabii University whose graduation was held in December 2017.

    Dr. Alice Nambiro Wechuli, Lecturer, Information Technology Kibabii University