Kibabii University has limited accommodation facilities that cater for male and female students under the following Rules and Regulations:


Every hostel shall have a warden; students are encouraged to consult their warden on all matters that affect.Each warden shall inform students on where and how the warden may be found at any one time.

Room Allocation

Room allocation shall be done by the accommodation services staff, ONLY students who fully registered and have paid full accommodation fee will qualify for accommodation in the hostels. When accommodated, residents shall remain in the assigned room for the whole of that semester. Changing of rooms will not be allowed except with special permission from the Hostels Officer.

Accommodation Rates

A room shall be paid for per semester at prescribed rates. Accommodation fee is NON REFUNDABLE.


Cases of sickness at night should be reported to the janitors or Wardens immediately.

Furniture and Fittings

Students will be expected to care for basic facilities provided in the rooms, namely

Help us to keep the hostels clean. Waste paper baskets in the rooms and dustbins in the public areas should be used to dispose off litter. Do not throw rubbish on the window slabs. It will attract a charge

Room Courtesy
Safety and Security
Fire Hazards

In order to maintain safety in the hostels students are not allowed to have fireworks of any kind, primus stoves or any other flammable materials in their rooms. Empty pressurized cans are hazards and when disposing off, they must be incinerated, since heat may cause the can to explode.

Cooking in the Rooms

Rooms in Hostels are not equipped with cooking facilities. Residents are NOT allowed to use their rooms for any form of cooking, or keep gadgets and items that imply cooking. Residents found cooking will be expelled from the halls of residence immediately.


Hawking, selling or any other trading activities are NOT allowed in the Halls of Residence.


Rooms are not sound proof. Be considerate to others in the hostels, e.g. keep the volume of your music systems and radios low. Residents are encouraged to report noise problems to their Housekeepers, Janitors and/or Wardens for quick action to be taken.


Parties must not be held in the rooms at any time. In case of need, please contact the Hostels Office for advice.


Accommodation services take serious view of any harassment

No staff shall be harassed.

No student shall be harassed due to his/her religion, race physique or gender.


Residents are duly allowed to have visitors from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Minors are not allowed in the residences. Rooms shall not be sublet.

Absence from Hostels

A resident who intends to be absent from the hostels for more than three days shall notify the Housekeeper and the Dean of students.Residents are also required to report to the housekeeper the absence of their roommates/friends for more than three consecutive days. If the disappearance of a resident/friend is suspicious, this should be reported to the Dean of students and Hostels Officer promptly.

Indoor Toilets

Every resident will be expected to buy and use toilet paper.

Sanitary towels, condoms etc. should be disposed off appropriately.

Bulbs/Flourscent Tubes

Every room has been provided with a lighting system. Residents will be expected to replace the bulbs/tubes in their rooms. Do not interfere with electrical wiring/fittings in the rooms and within the Hostels.


Residents are requested to use water with utmost care. No taps should be left running. Do not tamper with storage tanks and water fittings. Report incidents of Vandalism


Students are not allowed to soak clothes in the sinks, wash hand basin, dhobi sinks or bathtubs. Students are to use their own buckets for soaking clothes. Students are expected to leave the laundry place clean and dry.

When your clothes are dry, please remove them from the lines to create room for others who need the space and line.

room Key

Each student shall be required to surrender room keys promptly if required i.e. during riots and when checking out. A charge at the market rate will be imposed on any who loses the room key; a similar charge will be levied for unreturned key at the end of the semester.

Remaining in Halls Over Vacations

Except with written permission from the Hostels Officer, students are to vacate all rooms during the vacations. Such permission will only be granted after the Hostels Officer approves application for accommodation in writing.

Right of Entry into a Student Room

The University reserves the right for a Dean, a Dean’s representative, the members of the Administration or their representative to enter and inspect a student’s whenever necessary. The student, by accepting a room in one of the residence halls, acknowledges and allows the privilege of the administration.


Flouting the above Rules and Regulations may result in any one or all of the following penalties:

Or visit her office in Hostel Block 4, ground floor