Kibabii University

Blessed Shilla

Bachelor of Computer Science, Graduate class of 2019.

The first thing that comes to mind being an alumnus of Kibabii University is a career network and sense of belonging to a supportive community that nurture prepare and build students to be professionals in whatever field they specialize in before they are released to the corporate world. Personally, Kibabii University gave me a chance to embrace different cultures and diversity that is reflected in the outside world and be proud of our Africanity. Attending sports and cultural events has strengthened the relationship I hold with the institution and be part of the team and the community around it. I have been able to build and grow the institution’s brand through word-of-mouth marketing, through my certificates while applying for jobs and even through positive posts on social media which can create buzz and increase application rates for students.

Lastly translating the skills acquired in school to the job and be able to deliver and be productive and efficient is all subject to intensive training and guided internship opportunities provided by Kibabii University.

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